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The description of Pocket Monster : Duel

Pocket MonsterHigh quality classic game remake !

Pocket Monster is a brand new rpg game for catching& collecting hundreds kinds of monsters. Capture the monsters, train and evolve them. Sie werden immer leistungsfähiger sein, während Sie das geworden #1 Trainer! Alle Arten von Monstern mit verschiedenen Charakteren und Fähigkeiten sind in der ganzen Welt, vertraut Trainer, beide Freunde und Feinde. Wir wetten, Sie werden nie aus Neugier laufen!
Highly restaurierte Geschichte und Qualität schicke Grafik erinnert an Kindheit, die mit gameboy verbrachte.
Sie sollten nie Pocket-Monster verpassen, wenn Sie ein verrückter Fan sind!

Pocket Monster Duel APK APPS Download


– Spielfunktionen –
★ Super Neuauflage der klassischen Arbeit ★
Monster Arena is the most popular RPG game in THIS YEAR. It is highly restored as the classic work when we played in childhood. Start the adventure and to be the ace trainer with the monsters you like.

★Capture monsters instead of wasting money★
Are you tired of rough card games which cost a lot of money to draw cards? You can capture your friends(Monster) not only in Gashapon, but also in instance and hunting field. You need to think more about how to hit the monster into low HP and capture it instead of wasting much money to draw it.

★Form team at your potion★
There are thousands of monsters divided into different types in the pocket world, such as fire type, water type, grass type and etc. Capture the monsters you like and form your team at your potion. The battle will be hard if you can’t deal with the formation of your team because monsters in different types are restrain each other.

★Cute and fresh painting style★
We fully take consideration of the every detail of the characters, all images in the game are exquisite. Though it is a re-edition, it is more modern than the previous one. We are sure that you will like the cute IU.

– Kontaktiere uns –
Stay up to date with the latest news and events posted on our official fan page.
-Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/megamonsteren

Betriebssystem: Android
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